Holy Week 2020

This page contains links to our reflections and acts of worship for Holy Week, listed in order so that the most recent is at the top. The times and dates of the original events are noted (where necessary), but please feel free to use them in your own time. Our use of common resources means that, though we are separated, we can nonetheless journey together towards Easter.

Good Friday 10th April
Hymns, Prayers and Meditations
Three passages from Luke’s Gospel about tears.

Maundy Thursday 9th April
Hymns, Prayers and a Sermon on Washing: John 13:1-17
Peter was rather reluctant… are we any different?

Wednesday 8th April
A Reflection on the Fickleness of the Crowd: Matthew chapters 21-27
And how we might respond to Jesus with integrity…

Tuesday 7th April
A Reflection on the Presence of God in Pain:
Considering the story of Job and what it teaches us about the suffering of the innocent.

Monday 6th April
A Reflection on Jesus entry to Jerusalem: Matthew 21:1-11
A poem and some questions about how we align ourselves with Jesus.