New Chapel

The Church of England describes itself as being a Christian presence in every community, yet for centuries, Hunsdon’s church building has stood rather disconnected, a mile from the people it seeks to serve.  The PCC’s vision is to bring a bigger blessing to the community by building a new chapel and church centre in the heart of the village.  Such a building will be fit for the activities of a 21st century church family and enable the church to support community life more effectively.

Latest News:
After a period of considerable delay during which there has been nothing to report, the PCC is now in a position to take the next step towards the realisation of its vision.  Some exploratory work will be carried out on the construction site shortly.  This will involve the digging of some holes (a JCB digger will be on site for a few hours).  The holes will be filled in again immediately.  Once the result of the exploration are known, the building tender process can be started.  It is anticipated that construction work will commence later this year – watch this space for updates.

The PCC is in communication with the Parish Council about this work.  During construction, the site will be made safe and secure.  Vehicles related to the construction will not park on the roads.  The area of the playing field which will be fenced-off during the construction process is larger than the final project’s footprint, but the land will be made good when the hoardings come down.

Please use the index below to look at some of the documents connected with this proposal.  All the links will open in a new window or tab.

Planning Application Documents

A series of three-dimensional images of the project from a different vantage points.

Site Plan
Shows the proposal in relation to Acorn Street and the children’s play area.  (Please note the red line does not indicate a fence.)

Floor Plan
Shows the internal layout of the new building.

Additional Recreation Area
Shows the entire site, including the replacement recreation area.

Other Documents

Building for the Future
This document was delivered to every house in Hunsdon in September 2009 and outlined our original proposal (now modified).

Hunsdon Chapel Update July 2018
Posted to advise residents about upcoming work to collect soil samples on the construction site.