Trinity 13 2020


This page contains our Sunday act of worship on 6th September.

To coincide with restarting our in-person services, we’re trying something new… attempting to livestream the service from Widford church at 9:30am. (The video will also be available to watch afterwards.)

We had some teething problems with the technology in trials earlier in the week, so if the stream will not play on the player below, try watching it directly on YouTube by clicking this link. Update: this apparently worked properly, but on reviewing the video, neither the sound nor the picture quality is excellent – for which, our apologies. We will see if we can improve upon this for future weeks. (Viewers should be aware that there is no wired internet connection to any of the church buildings, so this may be an insoluble difficulty!)

Once the video is finished, you may like to click here to make a donation to support the work of your parish church.

If you wish to review the sermon separately, please visit our Sermons page for the audio recording (no video this week, sorry).

Livestream broadcast from Widford Church, 9:30am
Warning: poor quality audio, sorry!

Going Deeper

We intend to add related content to help people further. Please visit our Go Deeper page for more information on this.

Some material in this service is from Common Worship: Services and Prayers for the Church of England (2000) and is copyright © The Archbishops’ Council. cf.

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