Widford Churchyard

This function is under development.  We would note especially that at present, not all of the churchyard data is uploaded.

If you would like to find the grave of a relative or friend, please use the search widget.

Enter the family name to see all of the references on the site which match.  Amongst the results will be Grave Plot references (in any of the three churchyards).  The Widford ones are clearly marked as such and can be identified on the map below (e.g. A1 is in the top left hand corner of the central section, N39 in the bottom right of the yard.  The left hand section of the yard has column references Ai to Ei.  The dark grey area at the bottom is the hedge adjacent to Ware Road.  The hedge itself is straight; the map shows it as crooked  because the graves are not equally spaced – so column A has 34 graves, but column E only 27.  We are considering developing a “true to the ground” map, but this will take time.).  We also hope, in time, to be able to show photographs of any memorials, and maybe (where known) a brief note about the person’s life.  Do get in touch if you have any other recommendations.  Thank you.


Click on the plot references below to show a photograph of the grave (image opens in a new tab).

Please note ONLY Columns Ai-A have photos at present and not all the graves have photos…

Ai1 Bi1 Ci1 Di1 Ei1 A1 B1
Ai2 Bi2 Ci2 Di2 Ei2 A2 B2
Ai3 Bi3 Ci3 Di3 Ei3 A3 B3
Ai4 Bi4 Ci4 Di4 Ei4 A4 B4
Ai5 Bi5 Ci5 Di5 Ei5 A5 B5
Ai6 Bi6 Ci6 Di6 Ei6 A6 B6
Ai7 Bi7 Ci7 Di7 Ei7 A7 B7
Ai8 Bi8 Ci8 Di8 Ei8 A8 B8
Ai9 Bi9 Ci9 Di9 Ei9 A9 B9
Ai10 Bi10 Ci10 Di10 Ei10 A10 B10
Ai11 Bi11 Ci11 Di11 Ei11 A11 B11
Ai12 Bi12 Ci12 Di12 Ei12 A12 B12
Ai13 Bi13 Ci13 Di13 Ei13 A13 B13
Ai14 Bi14 Ci14 Di14 Ei14 A14 B14
Ai15 Bi15 Ci15 Di15 Ei15 A15 B15
Ai16 Bi16 Ci16 Di16 Ei16 A16 B16
Ai17 Bi17 Ci17 Di17 Ei17 A17 B17
Ai18 Bi18 Ci18 Di18 Ei18 A18 B18
Ai19 Bi19 Ci19 Di19 Ei19 A19 B19
Ai20 Bi20 Ci20 Di20 Ei20 A20 B20
Ai21 Bi21 Ci21 Di21 Ei21 A21 B21
Ai22 Bi22 Ci22 Di22 Ei22 A22 B22
Ai23 Bi23 Ci23 Di23 Ei23 A23 B23
Ai24 Bi24 Ci24 Di24 Ei24 A24 B24
Ai25 Bi25 Ci25 Di25 Ei25 A25 B25
Ai26 Bi26 Ci26 Di26 Ei26 A26 B26
Ai27 Bi27 Ci27 Di27 Ei27 A27 B27
Ai28 Bi28 Ci28 Di28 Ei28 A28 B28
Ai29 Bi29 Ci29 Di29 Ei29 A29 B29
Ai30 Bi30 Ci30 Di30 Ei30 A30 B30
Ai31 Bi31 Ci31 Di31 Ei31 A31 B31
Ai32 Bi32 Ci32 Di32 Ei32 A32 B32
Ai33 Bi33 Ci33 Di33 Ei33 A33 B33
Ai34 Bi34 Ci34 Di34 Ei34 A34 B34