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Jesus' Little Africa - the United Benefice of Hunsdon with Widford and Wareside

Jesus’ Little Africa

You can find out more about the three village churches of Hunsdon, Widford and Wareside and their different activities on our main site, www.hwwchurch.org.uk.

Why “Jesus’ Little Africa”?

Just look at the map of our three parishes!

The Apostle Paul declared that he and his co-workers laboured to “proclaim Christ, admonishing and teaching everyone with all wisdom, so that we may present everyone perfect in Christ.” (Col 1:28)  Like all Christians down the centuries, we are partners in mission and co-workers with Paul; our aim is his aim, and by God’s grace we give our energy to this goal.

This blog is a place for engaging in discussion so that the Lord Jesus Christ might rule more and more over our daily lives; that we might be perfected in Him, for the glory of God.  Do join in, even if you live outside Jesus’ Little Africa!

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