What We Believe

cross3Our faith is focussed on Jesus Christ.  We worship him as God, we seek to serve him as our leader and Lord, and we are grateful to him for giving himself in our place on the cross.  We are keen to know more of his love, to enjoy his forgiveness and to follow and serve him today.

We long for more of our friends, family members, colleagues and neighbours to discover the love of God in their lives through Jesus.  We are glad to work hard to provide straightforward opportunities for other people to encounter Jesus Christ for themselves.

We are grateful for God’s kindness to us; as our Creator, in giving us life and breath, and so much else that makes us glad.  We long for God’s world and for our community to know and appreciate more of God’s glory.

We are keen to understand as fully as possible God’s plan and purpose for his creation and for his creatures, and to find our place in God’s will for the world.

We are thankful that God is a speaking God who has arranged for his word to be written down for us, and who speaks to us today as we meet together and as his Spirit teaches and helps us.

We are eager to serve one another in the name of the Lord Jesus, as well as giving ourselves to those both close at hand and further away who are in need of practical Christian care and concern.