Children and Young People

Children and young people are an essential part of the church family.  People often say “Children are the church of the future,” and this is certainly true, but they are also the church of today.  They have much to offer, even as they have much to learn.  It is our desire to see our children grow into confident adults with a clear grasp of the depth of God’s love for them.  It is our pleasure to make our journey of faith together with them.

We have combined all our work with children and young people into one ministry called TEKNA, which is the ancient Greek word for children.  The links in the drop-down menu provide general information about this ministry. It is a short list at the moment because the children who currently attend church are too young for separate activities. We hope to restart some other activities soon!

We take very seriously our responsibility to keep children safe and have policies and procedures in place to ensure everyone is safe in our churches and church activities. You can read some of these on our Documents page.