Children at Communion

In recent years, the Church of England has reconsidered its practice of restricting access to the Lord’s Table to those who are confirmed.  It has been decided that baptised children may be admitted to receive bread and wine as part of the Holy Communion Service BEFORE they are confirmed provided they have undergone some form of instruction.  Accordingly, the churches in this benefice are obliged to welcome to the Lord’s Table any children who are already communicant members of their own church.

However, we have not yet investigated the possibility of permitting our own children to receive bread and wine.  Before any discussion can take place on this matter, Diocesan policy (and good sense) requires that the church has a programme of Christian education in place for the nurture of children. In this benefice, alongside the guidance and example of their parents, TEKNA is our provision to help children to grow to maturity in Christ.

If you are particularly interested in this issue, please revisit this page in the future for the latest developments in the thinking of the three PCCs regarding children and communion.  At present, no debate has been planned.

As has always been the case, children are, of course, very welcome to attend services of Holy Communion, and, with the rest of the congregation, to come to the Lord’s Table where the officiating minister will gladly pray for them.