Who’s Who

Our Rector is Mark Dunstan.  There’s a bit more information about him here.

“Rector” is a church-word which means much the same as “Vicar”, “Priest”, “Pastor” or “Minister”.  “Benefice” is a church-word describing a geographical area which is overseen and supported by the ministry of a parish priest.  Mark shares with the Bishop the privilege and the responsibility of “the cure of souls” in the three parishes here; his role is to look after the spiritual health of every person in the villages – whether they choose to attend church services or not.

Happily, he does not work alone.  In the Bible, the Apostle Paul describes the church as a body – a living entity with many different members, each with their own special role and function.  It is a really good picture of church life.  There are all sorts of activities which take place as part of the church’s ministry, and these only happen because of the talents and energies of a host of volunteers.

Key to the running of the churches are the Church Wardens and other Trustees of the Parochial Church Councils, who are extremely grateful to everyone who helps.  If you would like to help in any way, please contact us.