People often want to communicate about just one of the three churches.  If that is the case for you, please simply identify which parish or church matters to you in your communication (St Dunstan, Hunsdon; St John the Baptist, Widford or Holy Trinity, Wareside).  If your communication is relevant to ALL the churches, please address your post to “HWW Church.”  You might like to read our Data Privacy Notices for details of how we will look after your personal information.  (These are all the same apart from the references to the individual PCCs).  If your enquiry is not related to a particular parish, the Hunsdon Privacy Notice will apply.

You can contact us at: The Rectory,
Acorn Street,
SG12 8PB
Telephone: 01920 877276

(Please note that the Rector currently takes his day off on Fridays, which means that phone or email messages left on Friday may not be picked up until Saturday.)

You can use our online form below to send an email to people with benefice-related ministries.  Each church website has its own form for local contacts.  Click the relevant parish name to visit these pages:      Hunsdon     Widford     Wareside

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