All Ages

Everyone is welcome to join our church, no matter how old or young.  Jesus spent his time with people of all ages, and, crucially, all stages – he blessed babes in arms and the parents who brought them, he engaged with both the educated and the simple and he was found amongst the low-lifes and broken at least as much as the well-to-do.  He had a specific and primary mission to his own people (the Jews), but also demonstrated a deep compassion for people of other races.

In the three churches of this benefice, we seek to provide opportunities for everyone to encounter and engage with the life-changing gospel (good news) of Jesus.  Whether you are new-born or in receipt of a birthday card from the King, there is something for you here.  As small churches, we recognise we cannot cover all the bases in the same way as a larger church might, but our love is sincere and we will do our best to help anyone.  The links in the drop-down menu give a brief outline of what is on offer.