Jesus calls us to be disciples, which means people who are willing to learn from him and put into practice everything that he commands.  However, this is not always easy.  We do our best to learn about God’s purposes for us from the Sunday sermon, but we don’t always remember everything, and sometimes we have other questions…

Home Groups are informal gatherings where you can ask any question you want about the issues you face in your day to day life, not just “church” things.  What you might feel unable to mention on a Sunday is less daunting amongst a small group of trusted, supportive friends.

From time to time, we all need people on whom we can lean.  A Home Group can provide such people – real friends who will look out for you and are not afraid to share their lives (struggles and joys) with you.  Your Home Group also provides you with the opportunity to serve others by reciprocating care.  This, too, is important for your growth as a disciple.

Our Home Groups meet roughly alternate weeks and they function best when everyone turns up.  However, in practice, most people find that membership of a Home Group is a joy and a privilege, not a burdensome commitment.

If you take following Jesus seriously and would like to join a Home Group, please contact the Rector in the first instance.