Sunday School

TEKNA on Sundays

We believe that God has called the church to be a family, where every member is valued and invited to contribute whatever their age.  Children and adults learn and respond to God in different ways, and what is appropriate for adults is frequently beyond the reach of children.  Often we meet all together, but we have found that sometimes it is more appropriate to meet in groups defined by our age.  Our “Sunday School” is an attempt to provide the children with an environment where they can learn and worship at a level and in ways suited to them, whilst also allowing the adults to be stretched at the same time.

At the moment, we meet as one group during the Communion services at Hunsdon and cater for schoolchildren from age 4 to age 16.  When our new premises are built, we plan to provide opportunities to meet in three distinct age-appropriate groups; Sparks (Reception-Y3), Flames (Y4-Y6) and The Furnace (Y7-Y9).  We encourage those in Y7 and above to meet other young Christians by attending “Seven” at Christ Church, Ware, on the second and fourth Sundays of each month and to take part in their midweek “Cell” programme.

We have a wide range of activities for the children and this varies with the different ages.  Sometimes we watch a short video together or play games.  We always read a passage from the Bible and try to work out what God is teaching us through it.  We do quizzes and craft activities, drawing and colouring, puzzles and drama.  We sing songs together and pray.  It’s a lot of fun!