Go Deeper Trinity 14 2020

In the midst of difficult times, and especially if we are facing trials for our faith, it is not easy to keep our hope. Here’s a song which reminds us of Jesus’ faithfulness to hold his people securely. May the words speak comfort to your soul!

Our reading from 1 Peter reminds us that Christ Jesus is the one who has gone before us into unjust suffering and is therefore our example as we face it. But it also teaches us that his suffering upon the cross won for us a future. Celebrate that it is by his work that you are saved and brought home to God – that your eternal future with God doesn’t rely on your weak and faltering deeds, but on Christ’s perfection and victory at Calvary.

In his letter, Peter addresses slaves, and this might raise the question, “How is this relevant to me?” Here’s a bit of extra information to help us think through that question.