Monday of Holy Week 2020

Glen Scrivener offers a poetic reflection on the events of Palm Sunday.

For reflection

The crowds made quite a fuss of Jesus as he entered Jerusalem (Matthew 21:1-11). It seemed like they were pleased to be with him; they were supportive of what he was coming to do. Yet we read later that by the end of the week, the crowds in Jerusalem were baying for his death, one of his friends had betrayed him to the authorities, another had denied knowing him and the rest of them had abandoned him for fear of their lives.

  • How do you see Jesus: as a good man whose teaching is worth following or as someone who represents a danger to your freedom?
  • To what extent have you followed Jesus’ teaching in your own life? Are there parts of Jesus’ teaching that you find difficult or objectionable?
  • Jesus chose to ride a donkey into Jerusalem knowing that this would send a powerful message to the crowds about his identity as the king God had promised to send them. What do you make of this? Does this make any difference to how you view Jesus?