Virtual Church

On this page are some resources and links which we hope you will find useful, whether you are a longstanding member of one of our churches or a curious visitor.  God loves us all and wants us all to draw close to him.  External links open in new tabs.  If you would like to receive news from the churches, please sign up for our email newsletter by clicking the button below (you can unsubscribe at any time).

Here is a prayer for all those who suffer as a result of coronavirus.

For Acts of Worship from Week to Week

Our Sunday Worship page has links to full orders of service for each Sunday with prayers, audio bible readings and video hymns and sermon. This is the best option for those with internet access. See also the drop-down menu under “Virtual Church” for specials like Ascension Day. There are also additional materials like the meditations on the Fruit of the Spirit in our growing Go Deeper section.

You can also download the Church at Home Order of Service which is a simple outline order with some standard prayers.  This can be re-used each week, but does not include the details of the items which change from week to week e.g. Bible readings, special prayers and hymn choices.  This document was initially created for and hand-delivered to those within our church community who do not have internet access.  Separate week-specific service sheets are also posted each week to those people for use alongside this. 

An audio recording of the sermon is available by calling 01279 967111 at any time (normal call charges apply).  The sermon for the new Sunday is made available at 9am on the Sunday morning.  Do tell your non-internet-using friends about this facility.

Featured Video

Modern hymnwriter, Keith Getty, has co-written a new hymn to encourage people who have questions about eternity.  It is called Christ, Our Hope in Life and Death.

General Resources to Support Growth in the Faith

  • The Quiet Room on our website publishes a new Bible verse every day and a special prayer for the week from the Church of England.
  • Speak Life is an organisation producing thought-provoking video content for the internet. Glen Scrivener has been looking at some of the well-known phrases we often use that come from the Bible (even if we don’t know it!) and has provided a series of short and engaging presentations (about 7 minutes) on these phrases called “Reading Between the Lines”. You can watch all the presentations from this series on YouTube or other platforms. There is an overview page here, but check out the whole site.
  • Prayermate is a helpful free app for smartphones or tablets, but still accessible on a more conventional computer. It will help you organise your own prayers as well as providing resources for prayer (e.g. mission agencies or seasonal reflections).
  • Like Prayermate, the YouVersion Bible App is also designed for all platforms. For no cost, it gives users access to many different translations of the Bible. There are also helpful Bible reading plans. There’s also a great interactive app for children.
  • Originally produced for children, but really valuable for adults interested in understanding the core doctrines of the Christian faith is the New City Catechism. The idea is to learn the questions and answers by heart. There are 52 questions and answers with Bible texts, commentary and prayers – one for every week of the year!
  • If you like to sing, you might like to check out some of the songs and hymns on our music page.
  • The Church of England has also published resources for daily prayer which you can access by clicking here.

Keep watching this page for more resources.