The Government has issued directives about how we as a nation should conduct ourselves in order to slow the spread of the Coronavirus and limit the damage that it does, both in terms of the impact upon the physical health of the population and the economic wellbeing of the nation. Please follow this guidance.

For those in need

If you are in physical need, the communities are rallying together to provide assistance. The church is supporting these efforts. There is already information about how to access assistance or volunteer to help on the websites of two of the three villages in our benefice: (Hunsdon and Widford) and hopefully there will be soon in Wareside.

If you have spiritual concerns (e.g. if you are fearful or if the whole situation has provoked questions about death, life and God), we hope this website will help you. We are publishing some information in the format of a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page, here.


In light of the Government guidance, the Archbishops of Canterbury and York have themselves given clear guidance that public acts of worship should be suspended. This does not mean that worship stops completely – far from it! They have encouraged churches to be creative so that God’s people are helped to give voice to their praise, to offer their prayers and to grow in their faith despite not being able to come together to do so. There are some resources and links on this website to help you worship, pray and grow in the faith of Christ crucified. Click here to see these resources. (And keep checking back for new additions.)